Find answers to commonly asked questions about NIDO®.

At what age can I give my child NIDO® Products?

Is NIDO® milk drink a baby formula?

What is the difference between NIDO® products?

How do I prepare a single serving glass (8 fl oz) of NIDO® products?

How can I prevent the NIDO® powder from clumping?

What is the shelf life for NIDO®?

Where can I find NIDO® products nearest me?

Which NIDO® products contain a serving scoop?

Can NIDO® 1+ substitute for regular liquid milk in recipes?

What is one scoop of NIDO® 1+ powdered milk equal to?

How should NIDO® milk drink be stored once prepared?

How long should NIDO® milk drink be kept once prepared?

What are prebiotics?

What is Prebio1®?

Are NIDO® products gluten free?

How do I learn more about lactose sensitivity?

What’s the difference between NIDO Kinder Lacto-Ease 1+ and NIDO Kinder Deslactosado?

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