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Appropriate Height & Weight

Your children's appropriate weight in relation to both age and height is a sign of good nutrition and their healthy growth. For a better assessment of this ratio, consult a pediatrician. Although...
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Strong Bones

Strong bones are evidenced by your child’s physique and a pediatrician’s review. Strong bones and muscles allow your growing children to be better equipped to participate in physical activities, which...
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Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is an important sign of good nutrition in children and vitamin A supports the maintenance and repair of your child’s skin. One 8 fl oz glass of NIDO® 1+ milk drink will provide...
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Good Vision

It is important to have your child’s vision routinely evaluated when they visit the pediatrician’s office. Take care of your child’s vision by incorporating vitamin A into their diet, which supports...
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Muscle Development

Muscle development is an important sign that your child is both well-nourished and is exercising properly. Although genetics play an important role in your child's height, adequate high-quality...
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Strong Teeth

Healthy and clean teeth are proof that your children's nutritional intake and habitual dental hygiene are good. Your child will eventually lose their milk or ‘baby’ teeth, which are then replaced by...
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Healthy Nails

Strong and healthy fingernails are a good indication that your child is getting the right amount of nutrients they need. Nails should appear uniform in color and free of discoloration. Health...
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Sleeping Soundly

Sleeping well is a sign that your child is receiving good nutrition all through the day. It is essential for their growth and development, because many important physical and mental processes such as...
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Being Active & Alert

Attentiveness is one sign that your child is getting good nutrition through a healthy diet of nutrients essential for body and brain development. Intellectual development is in fact one of the most...
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How To Please a Picky Eater

Picky eating usually shows up around age 1 or 2, when children are experiencing developmental changes and becoming more independent. Find helpful tips on how to please a picky eater here.
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Your Toddler’s Nutrition

The daily vitamin requirements for your toddler are small, but as your little one transitions from breast milk to solid foods, it can become more challenging for your toddler to get the essential...
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First Teeth: What can your toddler eat?

As the first teeth begin to surface, we suggest that you begin to gradually introduce different consistencies in food. For example, strained, finely chopped, diced, sliced, with the skin, and finally...
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Transitioning your Toddler from liquid to solid foods

Gradually introduce solids into your toddler’s diet by beginning with different textures such as soft, firm and juicy. Make sure that the pieces are small enough to fit in your toddler’s mouth so that...
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Healthy eating habits for your Toddler

Show your toddler that there is a specific time to eat. Set up an eating schedule and stick to it so that your toddler can learn the good habit for the future. It is natural for the human body to be...
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Double Strawberry Milk Shake

Double up on deliciousness with this Double Strawberry Milk Shake recipe that uses NIDO® 1+ to boost the nutritional value of every sip by double digits.
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Orange and Banana Smoothie

This delightful and refreshing tropical Orange and Banana Smoothie recipe, made with NIDO® 1+, is a great way to ensure your child gets a healthy boost of vitamins in every sip.
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Chocolate Gelatin

These delicious, chocolate flavored gelatin snacks made with NIDO® 1+ are easy to make and take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Make sure to allow at least 3 hours to refrigerate to perfection.
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Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

This Strawberry and Banana breakfast smoothie made with NIDO® 1+ makes for a delicious way to ensure that your child gets vitamins, minerals and nutrients at the start of the day.
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